Watch our Rug Making Tutorial Video

Looking for a video describing how to make a toothbrush rug? Here is the video showing how to start your own rug. The beginning of the rugmaking process is the trickiest so don’t give up 🙂 Once you have it started it is so easy to keep it going. The hard part will be deciding when it’s finished.

Hope you like the video and find it clear and helpful!

Here is the video:

and to our channel: renatarugs

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4 thoughts on “Watch our Rug Making Tutorial Video

  1. Lisa Vanderwater

    Question: Will I be adding fabric strips to the two original working strips, continually, until the rug is finished?


    • Yes! Keep adding to both the anchor piece and the strip that you knot with. Having an anchor piece gives more heft to the rug and can add color interest as well if you choose different colors for the two strips. You use much fewer strips for the anchor piece. I often use the hemmed edges of t-shirts in the anchor strip rather than throw them away.


      • Lisa Vanderwater

        Thank you! I also viewed your add-a-stitch to prevent ‘bowling’ . . . do you add the stitch to the space the previous stitch used only once – like twice in the same hole? Or is it better to increase once, do a few normal stitches and then do another increase stitch, and so on? I noticed on this same photo, your puffy stitch is to the right of the anchor stitch, mine (old sheets) is the exact opposite!? My rug buckles here and there but I have a feeling my next one will be much better thanks to your excellent video. Thanks for your assistance and time. LV

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  2. Yes, two stitches in one hole is how you increase. In the very beginning when you need to do a lot of increase stitches, you will need to double up on most stitches and then double up on every other one for a bit. After a while you will get a feel for when doubling up is needed and it won’t nearly as often.
    The buckling can happen when you don’t work on a flat surface so keeping the rug on a table or on the floor when you are working on it can help keep it even.
    And working the rug the opposite way, which is what it sounds like is happening is ok. I go counterclockwise and it sounds like maybe you are going clockwise? Either way is fine!
    I’m so glad you are enjoying the rugmaking!!
    🙂 Aimée


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