New rug style!

So I decided to try this many-mini-rugs-knotted-together style. It came out very cool looking but it was a lot of work! The beginning of rugs is the trickiest part and just as it was getting easy Bam! you have to start a new one. The knotting together took a much longer time than I thought it would but luckily with the stormy winter we have had in Connecticut, I had plenty of free time available. 

I am very happy with the color combo here. It reminds me of the ocean and sky and I will probably make a regular big rug with these colors soon. 

Here’s a close up of the connecting stitches. You make the same basic knot but through the new rug on the left, too. 

If you decide to make one of these rugs make sure you leave plenty of extra length in the strips at the end of each rug. You will need more than you think to connect the rugs together at the end. Be sure to take pictures of how you want the final product to look so that you can reference that again and again. Mine ended up slightly different than I planned out originally but I am still happy with the randomness of the final design. 

This rug is only about 2 feet across total. Next time I make one of these styles I will make each individual little rug larger. The smallest rugs are 3 inches diameter and the largest are 7 inches. I would probably make the smallest no less than 5. It will take more t-shirts too obviously. This rug took 4 t-shirts. Luckily gray is a very common t-shirt color so using that as your main color would be fairly easy to do, especially if you used a few different grays. I used 2 different grays here and I really like how they play off each other.

Hope you like this one!

🌀 happy rugmaking 🌀


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