I love color. I love working with my hands. I love meditating. I love connecting with others. I love making rugs and sharing this style of rug making with others. Toothbrush rugs are easy to make. They are durable, practical and not too precious. I also use them as a meditation and focusing tool.

I hope that the rugs light up for you and that if you want to make them, that you find my videos helpful. They are in my blog posts and on my Youtube channel: RenataRugs.

I live on the Connecticut shore where I make and sell rugs and rug kits. I am available to teach classes, both privately and for groups.

Just email for more information: renatarugs@gmail.com

Happy RugMaking!




5 thoughts on “About

  1. I am starting to make rugs, well ” investigating”, I have found several ways, “rug hooking” being another, anyway, 1st off, I can’t subscribe to your you tube channel because it says there is an error on 404, I have successfully subscribed to others, so I know the problem isn’t on my end. I hope you can get things straightened out, I also cannot find anywhere that you mention how wide each strip of t-shirt is, (it looks to be about one inch, which is the width I’ve been cutting), another point, does it matter if I cut it, I have real difficulty tearing t-shirts!!! I also was wondering how you would do a rectangle rug?, make maybe 12 initial knots length and then 2 on ends and build from there? Have you ever made one? You have excellent videos, showing it several toimes REALLY helps me. one more.. Lol do you use the parts of the T-shirt where there is something written on the one side? Do you just manipulate the fabric so it is tucked under? thanks so much!! Denise


    • Hi Denise! I’m so glad that you like the videos. I’m not sure why you are having trouble subscribing to my YouTube channel though because I’ve had about 10 new subscribers in the past week. Maybe if you search directly on YouTube and I will look at my blog links for any troubles. Thanks for letting me know 🙂
      So to answer your rug questions, I cut the strips 1.5 inches wide though if you are planning a big rug for a high traffic area 2 inches makes a thicker rug and works well, too. I cut them with scissors because t-shirts are a knit so getting uniform strips by ripping is pretty much impossible.
      I often cut lettering out of the useable strips unless it is a soft print. Some tees can have very hard, thick words or pictures on them that are too rough to comfortably walk on. Sometimes the words can look pretty cool in the rug so I would experiment. You can always take out a strip or two after knotting if you don’t like how they look.
      I think you will like making this style of rug because it is so easy and you can leave it and come back to it without having to worry about counting stitches or rows. I used to make traditional hooked rugs before I had kids but I found it too hard to continue with while having little ones running around.
      As for rectangular rugs, I actually haven’t made one with this style because I am intensely attached to the spiral of the circle! I would start with the circle first to get the hang of the knots and the correct tightness to use then try one where you are counting knots and keeping it straight. What you described is basically what you do but just remember to add increasing stitches evenly to the opposite sides of the rectangle as you go. When you increase in a circle you can just increase as needed without keeping track of where you added stitches.
      I hope that helped you! 🌀 Aimée


  2. Lisa kalbach

    Are you going to be doing any rug teachings before end of year?


    • Hi Lisa,
      I don’t have any public events planned but I have availability for a private lesson for just you or for you and a few friends. Please email me at renatarugs@gmail.com if you would like to talk about that possibility 🙂 Aimée


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