Finished rugs

Rainbow Chakra Meditation Mat

I just finished this rug last night!


I made it 2 ft wide, the perfect size for a meditation mat. I used 7 t-shirts but had leftover fabric from all of them. In total, I used 269ft of fabric strips to make this rug. Two of my kids are working on their own mats right now, too.

I am becoming more and more intrigued by the history of rug making. Historically women were almost always the fabric and rug makers. This holds true worldwide, across many, many cultures. Rugs, fabric, weavings always held the energy, symbolism and intentions of the person or persons who made them. In that same way, I listened to corresponding chakra meditations as I worked on each color to help the mat hold my intentions in it.

Happy Rugmaking 🌀

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Finished Peacock Inspired Rug

photo 2

I am in love with this 5 ft round rug that I recently finished. I was inspired by the colors of a peacock and wanted to loosely stay to that color palette. It took me about 2 months to complete but it was during the holidays so it could have been completed earlier. I used 24 t-shirts to make this rug and had very little excess left over as I often just continued on with a certain color until it was 3

photo 1

This rug is made entirely of cotton t-shirts that I found at local thrift stores. I am having fun exploring the color possibilities and any idea, like a peacock feather or a sunset or a flower, would make a good starting point for a rug. If you are going to thrift stores yourself looking for material, bring a reference image with you as you are choosing the t-shirts to buy.

Hope you like this rug as much as I do!IMG_7452

Happy Rugmaking,


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