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Increasing Knots

A YouTube watcher asked me to clarify how and when you increase knots in a toothbrush rug. Increasing knots is how your rug grows out rather than up! If you don’t increase the number of knots, you will soon have a cloth bowl which is actually pretty cute but not what you are aiming for here.
So here is a pic of where increasing is needed

I have already done one new knot in this loop but there is definitely space for another new knot before moving on to the next loop. This is the spot for Increasing!
In the beginning of rug you will be doing a lot of increase knots. As it gets bigger you will be needing fewer increase knots. If your rug starts to bowl up, add a knot. If it is really curling up, you may need to undo a few knots. Luckily that is easy to do 😀

Hope that clarified your Increase questions!

Happy Rugmaking 🌀

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